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T-Shirt Quilts

Create lasting memories that you can display and touch.

So many people collect t-shirts from their kids' extra curricular activities that sit in closets. A t-shirt quilt moves them out of the closets and onto beds to be seen and enjoyed.

“Do you have t-shirts piling up in your closet? Why not make a memory quilt.”

Tips to t-shirt quilts

You will need a set of t-shirts. Lap size - 9, twin - 12, full/queen - 16, king - 16/20, based on a 14" block. These sizes come with sashing between the blocks (fabric between the blocks - yellow fabric in the picture above), outer border in another color(blue in the picture above). T-shirts should be washed. The person making the quilt will do the cutting. You can hire me to do the quilts for you.

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