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About Me

Kim Bennett

I have many years of sewing experience and would love to sew for you.


From a very young age I wanted to sew.  It all started with a home economics class in high school. I knew I had a talent for sewing when every piece I sewed ended up in the front lobby display case at school (two dresses from home economics class and a flag for a government class project).  I went off to college studying business and accounting.  Took time to get married, have two kids, and now divorced.  My kids are now grown. 


I did many sewing projects over the years, but I got back into sewing when my oldest was in the marching band.  There was a need for hemming and alterations for concert band and the color guard costumes. I now work full time and sew in the evenings and weekends.  I've been sewing for Clemens Band going on six years now, several prom outfits, bridesmaids dresses, school/scout patches, t-shirt quilts, baby quilts, etc. 


I must admit, I don't spend much time on social media.  With many of my sewing projects, there isn't much to see.  It's something I plan to work on.  

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